Lulu Moonshine Strawberry Nights … strawberry – vanilla – A ready to drink cocktail


Lulu Moonshine ist ein köstliches Getränk für Frauen und Männer. Alles natürlich und der Alkohol 100% Bio zertifiziert. Wer Lulu trinkt, möchte Spaß haben … Bei 20% Alkoholgehalt reicht eine Flasche für zwei. Eine köstliche und kostengünstige Möglichkeit, sich selbst zu verlieren.
Auch als 200ml-Version für Hotel-Minibars oder Airline-Bordgetränke.

Für den afrikanischen Markt bieten wir auch eine afrikanische Version von „Lulu Moonshine“ an.

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Lulu Moonshine is an easy, delicious drink for women and men. All natural and the alcohol 100% certified organic. Who drinks Lulu is out to have fun … At 20% alc volume one bottle is enough for two. A delicious and economic way to lose yourself.
Also as 200ml version for hotel mini bars or airline on board drinks.
For the African market we also offer an African version of “Lulu Moonshine”.

PERFECT PARTY STARTER: The Lulu Moonshine series has a uniquely sweet note and is perfect
for everyone who likes refreshing, delicious and unique cocktails, liqueurs or long drinks. The ideal drink for the next garden or barbecue party! REAL CRAFTS FROM PARAGUAY:

Unlike industrial ready-made cocktails, the Lulu cocktails are handcrafted and distilled in a small rum factory in Paraguay by a German rum expert with great passion.

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: In addition to the special production, the taste comes from the exclusive use of natural ingredients from the largely untouched nature of Paraguay.

PERFECT PARTY GIFT: The traditional Moonshine bottle makes the rum-based cocktail the ideal gift or souvenir for the next party! Regardless of whether in summer or winter, all flavors make you want more!

Alcohol: 20% Vol
Strawberry Nights … strawberry – vanilla EAN 4260109412647
100% natural – without synthetic aromas.
Product of Paraguay
In cases of 12 bottles
102 cases, 1224 bottles per pallet

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